About Us

Every brand starts with an idea. It is innovation and grit that has driven companies to breathe life to a mere idea and designed a blueprint of success. From zero to hero, every giant company we know today started from scratch. Look where they are now. That inspired me to follow through.
My mom, who was into marketing, was my main influencer in the business. In addition to that, a friend I met at the University of Liverpool gave me an idea about online marketing and the online gambling industry. This fueled my desire to learn the ropes of online marketing knowing that it has real potential. It was an up-and-coming industry and is going to get parabolic in the next couple of years. So, you have to start as early as now to gain that leverage. I knew then that I have found my niche.
This is where Engine Magnet came into fruition. I’ve found a reliable business partner and my mom became our very first investor. This funding started the ball rolling for the company. And the rest, as they say, was history.
We started working with a couple of small businesses as clients and started to move up the corporate ladder. From our very first roster of clients, we started building trustworthy business relationships and gained loyal and repeat clients which brought in more business for us. The classic word-of-mouth advertising worked for our company even in the digital ecosphere.
We have started building rapport and strengthening ties with companies in the online gambling industry. It was not an easy route, it was a rough one but nevertheless, our drive to succeed was tougher. More than our expertise and skills, it was the tenacity, professionalism, and client-focused services that kept our loyal clients coming back and attracted new clients as well. We worked with small and big businesses from all over the world and provided them nothing less but perfection and customized services.
Big or small businesses look linear or the same to us. We are unbiased and treat all of our clients like royalty. Whether you’re a startup or a big name in the industry, we provide exactly the same stellar and personalized services that match your brand’s needs and requirements. Some of the brands we have had the pleasure of working with are Kroon Casino, LeoVegas, Mr. Green, Unibet, BGO Casino, and WilliamHill. We are still in close collaboration and have even become friends over the years. These are the perks of working with brands on a personal level because we treat your business as ours too.
With the rate we are going, we have grown confident that we have been making steady progress in establishing Engine Magnet’s name in the industry. We don’t settle at just being average. Mediocre results are for mediocre minds. We create ambitious results for every brand. Engine Magnet is driven to consistently work our way to take the lead spot and be on the top ranks of online marketing in the online gambling industry.
And we will take you all the way up with us. That is Engine Magnet’s personal commitment to our clients.