CEO of Merkur Magic Explains What the Important Steps Are to Rank in Google

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At EngineMagnet, we work hard to help businesses across the online gambling industry. It’s no simple task to achieve success, no matter how ingenious or creative your website design is. To become a well-known name in the online casino industry, you have to dedicate significant time to your digital marketing strategy. We sat down with the CEO of Merkur Magic to discuss the important steps to ranking well in Google search results.

More on Search Engine Optimization

Ranking well in Google is commonly referenced as having good SEO, or search engine optimization. This means familiarizing Google with your website and showing it which searches should be considered relevant to your platform. The more relevant you are to a search, the higher your ranking on Google results. Considering most gamblers choose a matching casino platform from the first page of Google results, this is an important part of improving your business.

There are three ways to improve your SEO, according to the CEO of Merkur Magic. Those three steps include improving backlinks, relevant content and keywords, and using pay per click ads. Read on to learn how each of these tools can help improve the search engine optimization and take casinos from obscurity to fame.


Gambling sites benefit from backlinks. Backlinks are basically conversations between websites. If a platform like Merkur Magic wants to establish a relationship with affiliates, Google will pay more attention to this top casino site. The Google Crawler judges how relevant a gambling website is by noticing whether other casino-themed platforms are linked with it.
Each time someone follows an affiliate link to Merkur Magic, Google improves its search rating. This doesn’t just work between casinos. For example, if a gambling review site discusses Merkur Magic and links back to the casino, that is also a valid form of backlinking.

Writing Relevant Content

Another important piece of the puzzle is to add high-quality, targeted content to your platform. Google can detect bad works with poorly written keywords and irrelevant content. Therefore, sites with poorly written content rank lower.
For any casino platform, it is important to invest in well-written gambling content (including “about pages” and other text-based pages) while still using relevant keywords and phrases. Hiring professional writers and SEO experts is a great way to make sure that you’re on track to becoming more relevant through successful keyword use.

Pay Per Click Ads

PPC advertising continues to grow at an impressive rate, due to its flexible nature and cost-effectiveness. One of the main platforms where gamblers interact with PPC is Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords). Merkur Magic relies on Google and affiliate sites to host their pay per click ads.

A pay per click campaign is true to its name. You don’t need to pay a lot of money up front for advertising. Instead, casinos like Merkur Magic only pay every time a consumer clicks on their ad. Suppose you agree to pay the webmaster $0.10 per click. If interested consumers click on your link and spend $100 on the service, then you will get a considerable profit from your advertising investment. This helps preserves your business’s profit margin.

Your ad will not be posted just anywhere the webmaster decides to place it. Instead, you can create a campaign by defining relevant keywords and competitors. When potential consumers search for the same keywords and phrases you specified in your campaign, they will see your ad. By relying on these highly effective tools, your gambling website can join the likes of Merkur Magic online as a top casino site.