Content Marketing

When you provide content that is relatable and actionable then you become an influencer in your niche. This helps you become an authority voice in your industry which does not just increase traffic or ROI but also enhances brand affinity which is very important for a content marketing campaign. 

Engine Magnet finds content marketing as a holy grail in the plethora of online marketing services because it converts six times more than the others. How we work is entirely different from other agencies or companies, because we get to know your audience and find your voice so you get to deeply communicate with your clients in a way that only your brand can. It’s a very personalized collaboration that seeks to enhance your connection with your customer base.

We also boost your social media following in tandem with content marketing. These two basically grows hand in hand as we also remarket your audience based on specific behavioral signals. We help you in your pursuit to position your business as an industry leader by providing valuable and easy-to-understand content that provide ready solutions to common challenges or problems faced by customers in your industry. This will help inch your audience further into the buyer’s journey so they are able to come up with a purchase decision right away. 

We provide different touchpoints so your customers and help you reach a specific audience that are truly interested in what you have to offer. Content marketing allows you to entice customers with content that appeals to them. While some are not yet ready to buy, the right type of content would attract them to hang around and come back for more. 

Engine Magnet helps create brand advocates for your business with shareable content. Our content marketing packages can help you increase brand visibility, boost qualified leads and conversions, plus enhance brand affinity for your business.