Our Clients

When you own and operate a successful online marketing company in this industry, you are bound to have more than a few companies who have become a flag waver for you and your business. Your clients may like you more because your ownership of the company is a more personable one, they may like you because your services fit their needs, or they may simply like you because you offer services of the utmost quality. Whatever it was that attracted these companies to us, and whatever it was that made them want to stay working with us in the first place, we would be lying if we said that we were not flattered and enamored to have all of the glowing praise that we have received over the years. Here are just a small handful of the companies with whom we have worked and enjoyed working:

WilliamHill – WilliamHill is an absolutely great company to work with for companies that are only just getting their feet wet. We were not greenhorns ourselves, but we were relatively young for a company in the online marketing industry. The quality, craft, and understanding that we exhibited was very impressive to WilliamHill, which is part of the reason why we had extended work to look forward from them. We offered the basic stuff – search engine optimization and social media marketing – and from time to time offer them still to them.

Mr. Green – We would not describe ourselves as a greedy company, but at the same time, we do not like to be liars; we enjoy getting paid a fair amount of money, and Mr. Green definitely lived up to its name. They needed a company who could handle their social media marketing, and we not only gave them excellent services on the websites they knew about, but also introduce them to websites that had gone under their radar thus far.

BGO Casino – BGO Casino was perhaps the first casino to witness us when we truly hit our stride in the online marketing business. The business has not, and should in fact not be expected to be peaches and gravy – at least not all the time – so it took a bit before we could reliably deliver top-notch services to our clients. We always tried our best, and with BGO Casino, our best was one of the best. It was, coincidentally, when we first started to dip our toes into viral marketing – and despite a few bumps, we think that we did quite well for ourselves (apparently, so did BGO Casino)!

Unibet – Unibet is one of our most recent relationships that we have established while working in this industry, and overall it has been a super positive experience for the both of us. The work that we did for them was two-fold: they needed to receive our online reputation management services as well as our search engine optimization services (the latter in furtherance of the former). Needless to say, Unibet came out of this pretty satisfied, what with our efforts to become as good as we possibly can.