Our Expertise

A simple explanation of our work and services is that we are an online marketing company, but that simply does not do our work justice – it is much, much more complicated than that. A lot of friends and family who I talked to about my career path were legitimately surprised by just how different it was to a standard marketing job, my mother especially. As time went on, the differences between online marketing and other varieties of marketing only became more diverse. Our marketing team focuses on four key areas of online marketing:

Online reputation management – Sometimes, a company may have something that they want to move behind. No matter if it is something serious or just an annoying monkey on the back of the company, it can really slow down your forward momentum. What we do is that we assess the situation, the ins and outs of it, and work on developing a marketing strategy that can help you move on from your negative reputation. We do this in two ways: one way involves essentially encouraging people to overlook the mistake, and the other involves simply creating positive marketing to help people forget about whatever happened.

Social media marketing – Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are veritable gold mines with respect to marketing, and they all offer their own unique bounty. For instance, Facebook is a great website to set up shop, as it is both very large and has a diverse group of users; Twitter is great for the ability to have a message spread just on word of mouth; LinkedIn is great for the ease of access it has for companies to meet and form relationships; and Pinterest is great if you want to win over women (among other virtues), as Pinterest is very disproportionately used by women.

Viral marketing – Viral marketing is a little trickier; it is the kind of stuff that spreads like wildfire, but unlike a wildfire, it can go out quite easily if you do not have a good strategy in mind that will keep it ablaze. Whether it is a video on YouTube or a news story about or relating to your company, it needs to be something that feels natural and not manufactured.

Search engine optimization – Search engine optimization is certainly more unknown to people who are not privy to online marketing; essentially, it is the process of helping website owners get their website and certain pages get higher rankings for certain keywords and terms on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. We do this by writing articles that incorporate certain keywords and relate to their company, allowing them to be noticed more easily. This requires some solid finesse however, as it is a fine line between integrating the keywords naturally into the text of the article and crowbarring a phrase that is either awkward at its core, incorporating it in an awkward way, or simply use it more than is necessary or sensible.