Our Services

What cuts Engine Magnet above the rest of the competition is that we are not just any other online marketing company. We promote to provide our clientele top-of-the-line services that will create impeccable results for their business. It’s not just our robust and strategic online marketing services that keep us ahead of the pack but more so, because of our personalized way of dealing with our team and clients.
Engine Magnet has a team of specialists or experts in different areas of the online marketing arena. We got your business covered in all aspects of the marketing game. Our dedicated, hardworking, and professional team of experts is trained to provide stupendous results to achieve your business goals. We empower collaborative team play with our clients and get you involved in the entire process from start to finish.
Here at Engine Magnet, we value our staff and employees just as much as we value our clients. This speaks volumes of how our company believes we have thrived for years mainly because of our loyal staff and clients. We don’t operate just for profit because YOU always come first.
Here are the key services we provide for our clientele:
Online Reputation Management – Your brand’s digital footprint or online reputation is important because that would dictate client perception and is detrminental to your business credibility. It’s important to note that the first five listings in Google or other search engines get the most clicks so you have to watch out for that. In a virtual ecosystem, feedbacks and ratings do matter.
Your social media presence as well as your company website is crucial to making a great first professional impression and to gaining more clients along the way. Negative reputation could hurt your business but this is manageable.
At Engine Magnet, we handle this in two ways – we either promote positive marketing or tap into the human side of business that commits errors, admits it, and perfects it. People are prone to flaws and errors, while it could somehow affect a brand’s reputation. Owning up to a mistake and providing quick solutions to it would promote a positive image of a company that is very human yet ultra-professional.
Social Media Marketing – You can’t be successful in today’s digital marketplace without a powerful social media presence. This is where Engine Magnet comes into the picture. While there are tons of social media marketing sites or channels to choose from like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LindkedIn, and Instagram, you need not be in all of them. Less is more.
You have to identify the social media platforms that would resonate well with your target audience or are relevant to your clients. This is relatively how you will be able to speak and connect directly to your clients. If you don’t have a social media presence yet then you are definitely missing out on this advertising edge.
Engine Magnet has you covered with your social media marketing goals. Our aim is to increase brand awareness, drive leads and conversions, boost interaction and engagement with your audience, as well as create advocates for your brand.
The bigger, wider, and more engaged your audience is, the easier it would be to achieve all of your branding and marketing goals.
Viral Marketing – Engine Magnet’s goal right here is to create a content that is compelling and captivating enough to go parabolic or viral. The content must be entertaining, valuable, or inspiring that keeps people engrossed and is considered share-worthy by your audience.
Generic content won’t capture just as much attention or traction as an emotionally-touching or provocative content that inspires, educates, and matches your target audience’s profile. People would naturally be inclined to share content that appeals to them or is relatable in a sense.
A viral marketing campaign makes use of either a YouTube video or a news story that is designed to grow and go viral organically so it quickly reaches and spreads like wildfire to a wide audience. This is what ignites people to talk about a brand message or a business even months or years after a viral campaign.
Search Engine Optimization – The primary objective is to boost your site’s search engine rankings or in Google, Yahoo, and Bing to increase traffic and conversions. Engine Magnet aims to optimize your site for search using keyword research, on-page optimization, content marketing, and link building, semantic markup, and site architecture optimization strategies.
We create content with keywords that seamlessly blends well in the article to create a naturally sounding or flowing message that captivates and engages your audience. We do a strict check to ensure that only quality links are included, keyword-rich content, and the page structure is on-point and crawlable.
We are the online marketing company that provides you a competitive advantage in your industry. We don’t take it sitting down – we hustle to create a success story for your brand. Engine Magnet provides you 24/7 marketing and customer service, personalized branding, global reach, and expert online marketing services that you can find in other companies. It’s always about the plus factor and giving you your money’s worth PLUS MORE.