Our Story

Every company starts somewhere – typically either from high standing or low standing. In my company’s case however, the best way you could describe our beginnings is a little of both. I was not exactly wealthly, but I was also not exactly poor. My family never really were exposed to either extreme end of society – and not to say that I did not appreciate at least being able to live comfortably, it did lead to a pretty bog-standard life. I eventually went off to the University of Liverpool with the intention of following in my mother’s footsteps in marketing. This is where I then met a new friend, who helped get me introduced to online marketing in particular (and by extension, her industry of choice – the online gambling industry). She gave me some brief introductions to some of the stuff that she was working on, explained why she wanted to get into the online gambling industry, and that got me hooked on the idea. She was absolutely right – the online gambling industry was a huge up-and-coming industry, and we knew that it was only going to become bigger and more profitable as time goes on, so why not get in on the ground floor before someone else has the same idea? This is how our company, Engine Magnet, came into being.

When we graduated, we almost immediately got to work on getting our momentum as a company going. Of course, it should be expected that a new company like ours would not be able to simply over night get traction in the industry; not only were other companies setting their sights on the very same thing, but we also had a lot to worry about with respect to our financials. She did not really have anyone with whom she could depend on as she was estranged from her parents in Sweden, and I was not exactly comfortable with asking my parents for the money. Well, you know how parents can be; she would not take no for an answer, and despite it being a fair amount of money that we needed to get the ball rolling, she was more than enthusiastic to pitch in some money. It was thanks to her more than generous contribution that really got the ball rolling and allowed us to work with some of the smaller clients. We slowly moved up the proverbial ladder, finding more and more clients who were in need of our services. Thanks to all of the work we did to earn the trust of these businesses, we were able to establish solid and reliable business contacts to make sure that the business never saw a lull. Not only did this allow us to finally make a name for ourselves, but it also – and most importantly – allowed me to finally pay back all of the money I owed my mom. Much like I refused her generosity at first, she in turn tried to refuse mine – but soon discovered that I had become just as forceful a personality as her. Like mother like son, I suppose!

Since then, we have managed to establish a strong camaraderie with companies within the online gambling industry through a mixture of our tenacity, our skill, and our sheer force of personality. We have attracted business big and small from all over the world, including the likes of Mr. Green, Kroon Casino, Unibet, WilliamHill, BGO Casino, and LeoVegas. While we have made some great forward progress into establishing ourselves in the industry, we still have a long way to go – because quite frankly, we will not be satisfied until we are the first name in online marketing for this industry.