Video Marketing

Social proof is crucial to creating a strong business impact. With Engine Magnet, we create video marketing strategies that help your business stand out against competition and not stick like a sore thumb. In a highly fast-paced environment, people are always on the move and a 2-minute video would be an easy pick rather than reading a blog that would take you 15 minutes to digest. 

Videos save time but won’t shortchange you when it comes to valuable content. Viral videos are so hot nowadays that you definitely have to get into the game now or miss out from this marketing campaign. Here at Engine Magnet, we explore and experiment on different angles or ideas to help boost brand engagement using compelling videos. 

With video marketing, you are limited only by your own imagination. This only means that you get to expand your boundaries in terms of creating diverse genres of videos that promote your brand in the most outlandish or even humorous ways.

 You can go for how-to videos that are informative and useful or perhaps an emotionally charged content that can resonate with your audiences in a very heartfelt way. These types of content excite or inspire people to watch and share because they feel the impact and would want to contribute to a cause that resonates with them. A lot of videos too would be entertaining or humorous which are considered share-worthy like 100% of the time. The stress can get too much the daily hustle and bustle and a funny video really would do the trick. 

It’s not just the giant brands that use video marketing nowadays, startups and many solo entrepreneurs are getting on board with us with video marketing. Yes, you can create a great impact with videos and also showcase the personality of your brand. This builds trust and rapport with your audience, increase credibility, and boost traffic because search engines are totally crazy over videos.